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The SEAD project employs inhouse and external development staff, and is supported by the periodic input of a number of key individuals with relevant expert knowledge.
SEAD people
SEAD Staff
Environmental Archaeology Lab. (staff pages)
Philip Buckland - Project director, developer, documentation, insects, networking
Johan Linderholm - Geoarchaeology, lab processes
Karin Viklund - Plant macrofossils, archaeobotany
Jan-Erik Wallin - Pollen
Samuel Ericson - Data collation and entry
Sofi Östman - Data collation and entry
HUMlab (staff pages)
Fredrik Palm - Interface design, networking, QSEAD, support
Johan Lindskog - Programming
Roger Mähler - Software development, Clearing House, support
Patrik Svensson - Networking, Digital Humanities Liaison
Erik J Eriksson - System development and maintenance, supprt
No interns/trainees are currently active within SEAD. Enquiries welcome!
External assistance
Toby Reid - Data synchronisation with BugsCEP
Dan Hammarlund - Dendro project coordination (Lund)
Hans Linderson - Dendro data coordination (Lund)
Katja Meissner - Dendro data strategy (and previously dendro pilot study)
Anders Lindahl - Ceramics project coordination (Lund)


External advisors
Brian Bills - Interface design and tools development
Paul Buckland - Bugs dataset, insects
Roger Engelmark - Environmental archaeology
Eric Grimm - Database design, Neotoma project liason
Eva Panagiotakopulu - Insects, archaeology


Currently no specific student projects or staff, but the Environmental Archaeology MA students are working with SEAD/BugsCEP data and GIS related research problems.


Previous team members (honorary mention)
Thomas Eriksson - Ceramics data collation and entry; ceramics project strategies
Joel Marklund - Data detective/entry
Katja Meissner - Dendro data collation and entry; dendro project strategies
Marita Nilsson - Coding and documentation (HUMLab)
Johan Olofsson - Planning stage, systems analysis
Previous interns
Sebastian Brandt Data quality control, software testing
Mats Eriksson Data quality control, software testing
Martin Jonsson Software testing



The SEAD project is not currently recruiting, but welcomes ideas for student projects both onsite and remote. Please contact Phil for more information.


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