SEAD has contact with and are working with a number of different research partners and research projects.

The dataArc project is building cyberinfrastructure to enable interdisciplinary synthesis research across islands in the North Atlantic. dataArc are builiding online discovery and visualization tools to enable data discovery and interdisciplinary research on the long-term human ecodynamics. Data from a diverse range of disciplines like archaeology, literature, and ecology are linked together and explored via a standard web interface using a conceptual semantics model.

SEAD is one of the data providers in the project and the SEAD project director is part of the development team behind dataArc.

Neotoma is a multiproxy database that includes fossil data for the past 5 million years, the time during which modern species, including humans, and modern ecosystems appeared. The initial database aggregates the Global Pollen Database, FAUNMAP, the North American Plant Macrofossil Database, and a fossil beetle database into a single integrated database.

The SEAD project is coordinating with the Neotoma team, and the SEAD project director is an active member of the Neotoma global consortium.

The European Pollen Database is one of the world’s leading palaeoenvironmental databases and provides an array of online tools for data retreival.

Ariadne is an EU 7th Framework programme to unite European archaeological data sources. SEAD is active within the Scientific Data Special Interest Group.

Archaeological Data Services, the UK repository and resource for all data archaeological.