Sead staff

Philip Buckland
Umeå University, MAL; Director of SEAD & VISEAD

Mattias Sjölander
Umeå University, MAL; Project assistant, data import

Roger Mähler
Umeå University, HUMlab; Software development, Clearing house, support


Johan von Boer
Umeå University, HUMlab; Interface design, networking, QSEAD, support


External assistance

Dan Hammarlund
Lund University; Dendro project coordination

Hans Linderson
Lund University; Dendro project coordination

Anton Hansson
Lund University; Dendro project coordination

Sven Isaksson
Stockholm University; Stable isotope and lipids project coordination

Kerstin Lidén
Stockholm University; Director of Archaeological Research Lab


Previous team members (Honorary mention)

Anders Lindahl – Ceramic project coordination

Erik J Eriksson – System development and maintenance, support

Fredrik Palm – Interface design, QSEAD, networking, support

Joel Marklund – Data detective and entry

Johan Olofsson – Planning stage, systems analysis

Katja Meissner – Dendro data collation and entry, dendro project strategies

Mats Eriksson – VISEAD project assistant

Marita Nilsson – Coding and documentation (HUMlab)

Thomas Eriksson – Ceramics data collation and entry, ceramics project strategies


Previous interns

Love Eriksson – Data quality control

Sebastian Brandt – Data quality control

Mats Eriksson – Data quality control

Martin Jonsson – Software testing